Deep in the heart, there is a heaven

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At that time the most eager to have a pair of binoculars can looked bored waiting for the farther and see more clearly. Now we stand here like a collision path. It is then no longer be pitted with holes, and there is no difference between any of the road in the city, village, this road does not repair is to suffer, and for me at the moment, it is no longer so kind people want to stay. At least once a minute, we will recall that after a place was the place fell off my bike, and go for some will remember elementary school when we moved to the bench in the town of circus scenes. 

suogulUp to now, we have less and less opportunities to get together, really what the song of the lonely as long as possible.

Home atmosphere wasn't so strong, the original Street was packed orange trees, if caught in the town back from the spring fair, also happens to be orange harvest time, the children had no compunction in into the orange in the forest like a gust, laughing, playing nuisance, ate sweet oranges, enjoying the natural fresh air, that simple pleasure in mind still flooded. Junction met several fellow townsmen of familiar people, not much changes, but shuangbin has some more hair, this can be considered to do we grow? Familiar accent, familiar smile and polite formula support, read up all of a sudden have that love to hide itself, fear of contact with strangers, afraid of talking to people. The timid, and had caused the girl to go where?

They said: Miao miao, grow up! Seems to grow up really has become our only worry at the moment, anxiety, sadness grows up. Always when in frustration, Miss ivory of a better life. Always in trouble, trying to hide everything in memory to avoid.

Many a time, really wanted to sing their own song for the lonely, or write your own diary of sorrow. Sat aboard, leaving the familiar junction.

I close my eyes, enjoying the taste of parting, sloshing the young themselves, suddenly have a urge to tears.

The car chase parents in tears, shouted do not leave my children have grown up.

The junction, wangchuan Shirley has been a happy looking forward. May close your eyes at that moment, is no longer so cherish everything here. We are moving into a new home, happy life.

Home to me, can only be regarded as a paradise of childhood, her pamper me, pet rescue me, makes my life can't forget every thing here.




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