Movie recommendation: Warrior -Men’s Fight

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Movie recommendation:Gavin O'Connor -Men's Fight

Recommended good movies this week to recommend a wrestling class film, the movie  Warrior is almost more impressive film, than Hollywood blockbusters in the movie the Warriors provide great visual impact, but how are the  Warrior  of the film, not only from a single consideration.

Movie world and each have their own characteristics,  Warrior  the movie gives people a more comprehensive overall appreciation.

From father and son, brothers, and love, Warrior this film is more appropriate, I think, the  Warrior  is the must-see film of a man, in which the cash is not only fighting, more hard work is hard, is a choice.
The following briefly describes the plot of this film under, let everyone take a step and taste the charm of the  Warrior .

"The plot of the movie the  Warrior "

 By tangmi·laierdeng starring Tom Hardy was a veteran of the failed, he ended a dismal after a military career, returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh. His father was a former free wrestling coach, but because of the habit of drinking, ruined lives, with the help of Tommy's father, begin hard training, preparing for participation in the history of sport Wrestling Championships with the highest prize amount. And as soon as they reached the Championship and arduous struggle, Bladen's brother Tommy also returned to the side against the, Bladen is a free wrestling athlete of the year, later became a high school teacher. Bladen and his younger brother, Tommy, relations with his father were tense and full of hot pressure, at the same time and gradually alienated family. Now to maintained home, Bladen gave up has work pick up those threads, on fight arenas, and no can avoid of and soup m has has competition relationship, he surprise of suddenly appears also let brothers both of relationship more of delicate collision up, they side to to face past of contradictions, and parted ways of experience, while also to together to experience than arenas Shang of sincere to meat and does not win is lost.

Violence, emotional understanding and fighting out of race full of tension.

"User review":

1, watch, touch deep! Boxing version of movie to see too many, this movie is quite unique! No Heung Che beauty, not showing the individual heroism, and even the clouds legends.

A sth 2, someone once said, "If life put you down, then stand up and fight back! "The two main characters in the movie is not only being down, and even can be said to be beaten in the ground.

Movies are starting to mirror sth 3, retired from fighting, has been a teacher, was forced back into the arena for your life. Abandoned by troops, out of fraternal comrades, to brothers family fighting chance.

Physical age is not a dominant sth 4, movies of the Warriors, had jumped out of the Mixed Martial Arts category of sensory stimulation.

Life and death are kept in cages, fight like a beast, is a contest of skill and strength, courage and wisdom, but lost to sth

5, start crying when they are not men, found that tears at the end is the true man!!!

6, jienima cock until the blood film, see body cells are in combustion, goose bumps never stops 7, see the movie perhaps the father and son in China can not have such kind of outcomes, Chinese are more affection, missing is the kind of independent personalities, of course when you say most, children do not forgive his father for this move might be rare in China, alas! anyway my feelings really deep!!

Strong!! 8, if someone does not understand why the truth expressed in this form of violence, just because you haven't experienced a full life. People are feeling aggressive animal, it is brought in the gene. Outbreak of the pain of life is needed, happiness will come after Nirvana, though very brief. Movies foreshadowing a long, broke out in a Flash, but this moment was so dazzling.

Long time no see moved deep inside movies, Zambia.

…… People play, dare to face and try to solve all the problems, rather than escape; Men's feelings, can't make out of an open heart is communication, not narrow-minded; Men's tears, ever ready to fall, is not at the heart of the deepest; The brave men, because of his goal and insist that will do anything to act; Father's love: a pillar of the family, will protect and care for all family members; Brothers: blood is thicker than water, do not need too much language, requires only one eye or sth

Is well worth a look of film.

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