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During spring 2012 in the city, there is an army should not be withheld, that is, Suizhou volunteer service teams. Start next spring in the city one week (January 15), these volunteers will be formally posts, every corner of the station, they can see the green shadow, and some carry on luggage for passengers Some kids arm for passengers, as well as to passenger train schedules released ... ...

Sort of love, every home, wandering deep. I remember the train station, there was a return home from home because he just received the help of volunteers to take the initiative to buy water to drink to the volunteers, the volunteers may have politely replied, not polite. At this time wandering like to know the names of volunteers, and volunteers pointed to the work card, laughing, said, remember that volunteers on the line.

Moving much more than these, in the volunteer ranks, two volunteers, friends, is worth every respect. One is a retired teacher from Gansu Zhang lock, the other one is just on the Luo Qinghua middle school children, old and a little love this tradition, it is easy to see the halo of our national spirit.

It is worth mentioning that Zhang has been locked in for the teacher silently dedication of public welfare, he has participated in the earthquake, Yushu earthquake relief. He also noted that the city is recruiting volunteers to spring 2012, then planning the event with the head of the king into the captain to get in touch, on January 14, rushed home from Gansu Suizhou and participated in volunteer work. Zhang lock for the emergence of the teacher, all the players moved. Even more unusual is the captain of the king to return into the claims made for all fares and accommodation costs associated with the old man politely declined, repeatedly stressed his own expense.

Moved, we are more grateful, grateful to the friends in a foreign land with real action for our interpretation of what is dedication, what is love, what is the real public good. Worthy of our respect his personality and his deeds worthy of learning, he deserves our love tradition.

In order to establish the typical, promote virtue, and Suizhou captain Wang Jin Soon Television "comprehensive community" section in contact with media related their stories of reports, designed to allow more people to understand and know such a caring the elderly.

Speaking of another volunteer, Luo Qinghua children per adult is worthy of our respect. Although he was small, there is a kind of mold work efficiency, it is no less in adults. I remember an uncle lug baggage train had just come out, they approached the little guy asked: "Grandpa, do you need my help, I Suizhou volunteers."

"Haha, your change of position of small children, help was on the favor?"

"Yes, I have plenty of strength." Then, little guys will be carrying the line Li Chaogong elderly go to the delivery of the vehicle stops, waiting for him to return to the station, the forehead full of beans already Cen big sweat.

"Overweight, tired?" Captain Wang Jin toward he asked.

"Not tired!" Little guy rubbed his forehead and gasped.

When a reporter interviewed the little guy to participate in volunteer why, he said something to help people lead the way or carry very happy, very happy, but my father taught him to be often helpful. I firmly believe that in such a loving father under the influence of the little guy's future will be positive, full of sun.

Finally, I want to focus on planning the event that the captain, Wang Jin comrades. The end of 2009, he came back from work in Guangdong, in a way to send the guests, so he filled with emotion, a huge train station, actually do not see a volunteer.

"Can you put forward a volunteer team, spring service at the station." Wang Jin ordered the station to tell their own ideas of leadership, the station quickly support. With this support is not enough, have to form a volunteer team, Wang Jin, the QQ group as a platform, some friends invited to participate in the volunteer ranks, he proposed that users will soon get some recognition.Because they have a common goal - to participate in public activities, services Suizhou spring. In order to facilitate the distinction between ordinary tourists, several volunteers also contributed more than 1,000 yuan, a volunteer working towards a marked clothing.

Soon, volunteers set up a desk in the spring Suizhou Railway Station Square "settled" the. A table, banner, a block canopy, a stack of promotional materials and some other objects will become their office supplies. The same day, the railway station will be active in the grass wearing a green vest five volunteers of the figure, they wasted no time in busy, passengers have the obligation to answer the issues raised, pointing the direction of travel, distribution of promotional materials. The following days, volunteers team is also growing, reaches up to 20 people.

These volunteers have laid-off workers, students, and some unit employees, most of them is the use of free time for volunteer service to the train station. Today, the service organization has gone through three years, three years, so many sons remember their familiar and friendly faces, the result of the phrase "need me to help you?"

As the saying goes: gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance.Come and go in this crowd, because you, the city's more blood boiling; because of you, always wandering heart as warm as spring; because of you, volunteer's name has become louder!

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