Romantic love quotes, say to your lover at the end of the world

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Romantic love quotes, say to your lover at the end of the world,maybe the 2012 is not the end of world ,but I still want say to you this.

love quotes:1, when you want to get married told me, I married you.
2, like me, this is the revolution needs, you know?
3, you will not stack the clothes side of the stay to go, and then I

4, I must give you happiness, nobody could stop me.
5, as long as you want, as long as I have, you also turn outside it,

honest on my side alone.



love quotes

6, I was asked why do so many, I'm by your side, you are afraid to go the wrong way?
7, follow me, can't give you happiness is my fault, but who makes you happy, I had TMD to cut him.

8, you wait, some day, you will be my sons MOM! 9, you see, you look at me, I would eat you!
Do not move my bite.

10, I could not bear to bully people, how could people bully?

love quotes

11, all my life so long, waiting for you a few years is nothing.
12, personally I love I want to give her happiness, others I'm not at ease.
13, I want you I will find you.
14, don't allow you to bully her, only I can around the world!
15, giving up your next life!!
16, I should be all the best world-wide, including you!! 17, say like I could die?
Don't make, obedient.
18, a skill you take care of yourself, otherwise just let me take care of you! 19, listen, I'm letting you like me.
In addition to a long life together, we had no other way selected ~ 20, you stand there do not move! I ran past!

love quotes

21, the rain stopped, fine, woman you sweep the House, I had to sweep the world for you.
22, listen, I love you ~
23 I, hear now, you are married is very cheap, Bureau 9 dollars get, I ask you!

24, you're a fool, encountered such a thing to stand behind me!
25, come with me, one day your name will appear on my account.
26, apart from me in this world, who are not eligible to stay here by your side.



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