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         级联样式表(Cascading Style Sheet)简称“CSS”,通常又称为“风格样式表(Style Sheet)”,它是用来进行网页风格设计的。比如,如果想让链接字未点击时是蓝色的,当鼠标移上去后字变成红色的且有下划线,这就是一种风格。通过设立样式表,可以统一地控制HMTL中各标志的显示属性。级联样式表可以使人更能有效地控制网页外观。使用级联样式表,可以扩充精确指定网页元素位置,外观以及创建特殊效果的能力。
  【 课前准备】:



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         Starting today, we have to learn one of the essential foundation courses website - css tutorial, enjoy the network technology public this free tutorial examples from the CSS, follow-up will be referred to the various languages ​​of a variety of website building, website buildingafter the basic content of finished software development tutorial.
   Following a brief talk about the overall arrangements for the CSS tutorial, this CSS tutorial examples position enjoy net CSS Free tutorial examples Deep, try to make new to CSS Nengkanmingbai, the establishment of the station novice can enjoy the public good technology fully proficient in the CSS style. Well, we began to speak first speak of free instance of CSS tutorial.

   Bring you a comprehensive understanding of the CSS style:
   Cascading style sheets (Cascading Style Sheet), referred to as "CSS", usually called "style style sheet Style Sheet, it is used for the design of Web page style. For example, if you want to link word click the blue words, when the mouse moves up into the red and underlined, this is the kind of style. Can be unified through the creation of style sheets to control the the HMTL signs display properties. Cascading Style Sheets can make more effective control over the look of the page. The use of cascading style sheets, can be expanded to specify exactly how page elements position, appearance, and the ability to create special effects.
   Pre-class preparation:
   CSS is the effect on a web page, many beginners may not responsible for their own website, here to introduce three CSS effects, and lay the foundation for the CSS tutorial. Method 1: Install the DW, the DW effect of view. Method 2: has a support to write the CSS portal blog, such as news, but generally to a certain level is available. : Download a CSS compiler, in fact, is a web page offline use, generally only a few k-this is very convenient.
    The first lesson of the CSS tutorial let a preliminary understanding of the preparation under and do the lesson, the next issue of the css specific wording and points.




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