Then, you love who?

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When I turn old picture, only to find you, I forget, is it that I forget you?I don't think so.

I would think, you now who is around, still want to know, your girlfriend is it right? Like me pretty, I think she is a mild woman, and not like me, so, always careless, and perhaps this is the reason why you don't love me.But, I want to know, who you love.


新的开始Love, the original is your perfect Castle

You said, you want a love castle, even was trapped inside, also not to hesitate to.But, later, with the castle, why did you leave?I don't understand, although you are my close friend for many years, but I still at a loss.

Then, you say, the castle is there, but it's not perfect.However there is perfect?

Forgive me for no reason to persistent

From see you, I know, you are my pain, a lifetime to forget pain.I was advised to, do not be too rigid, and I have no retreat, step back is the lofty cliffs.

I know, I rigid, perhaps is a kind of hurt, so, please forgive me, this is not a sensible child, his original intention is good.

Because of you, so I changed

You said, I have changed, become be scanty of words, become like basketball, becoming more lady.I just gave you a smile.Because you don't know is, I change because of you.

Because of you, I like playing basketball, because of you, I fell in love with that song, because you, I began to be scanty of words.All this is all because I love you.

Not all the people, will have a permanent love

Person's life, will encounter a lot of people, some people become a traveler, but some people in your life, lingering, but not all people can, such as Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, have a permanent love, we are no exception.

Therefore, please treasure, in your life, accompany you through a journey of the people, because of him, you will become more mature, will grow up.



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