Simple temperament ladies selection

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Temperament, countless women diligently pursue an adjective. It can't see can not touch, even sometimes use words cannot describe, but when a beautiful woman to appear in front of a temperament, is really to be able to feel it.


Than has racked its brains to find gorgeous decorated clothing, a sophisticated dress is even more easy to design simple appeared like a temperament I had hidden it in the wash.


Lapel double breasted coat 01 shirt + coat + little black dress? Estimated many MM of twist style has seen here shake their head--this is also too simple, too "basic" right?!


Little do they know, as long as the colors properly, if this model of light blue + beige combination of fresh, and coat your body a reasonable crop, can definitely create a 1+1+1>3 temperament, but can give people the perusal of unforgettable impressions.


Stitching bow short sleeve dress 02 dress, many MM is often the color simple style fandigu: "will not be so bleak? Will it easy greasy? "Color dress for low-key, not only can give a plain and neat, elegant temperament, coat mix is more convenient.


Worry about dull, yet you choose to design simple ingenuity, style, add a sense of sweet.

Corduroy Pocket long sleeve shirt 03 which Office workers say their wardrobe without a couple of shirts? The ordinary to no type of must-have clothes and wanted to "tight encirclement" wearing new, more trying different materials.


In the spring and autumn seasons, corduroy to give people a feeling of warm vintage, winter can also accommodate a warm coat.

Stitching detail puff sleeve skinny blouse 04 If weather needs to wear a shirt, slightly modified shirts reflects the basis of temperament and sense of quality.

Combination of grey and white has always been low profile model of gas field, used in a mosaic with a moderate amount of detail design, shirt adds a breath of art.

Round neck two sleeve chiffon dress 05 plasticity of chiffon skirt is very strong, so she was on the styles and designs are rich in changes, the dazzling.

Under such a background, a simple atmosphere and unique style, full chiffon, soft and elegant, solid color dress sense is particularly special, temperament has become refined and fresh cut.

MaxMara one buckle skinny little suit 06 MM with a DIY spirit all in the jewelry box collection has a wide range of accessories.

Can be used either as scarf buckles, can become a headdress of multifunctional brooch more of their beloved, simply a classic style simple small suit, with different styles of brooches can apply different feel with a fish-like shape.


Fake two piece round neck long sleeve t-shirt 07 while on public information of all kinds are constantly stressed the important role of the Foundation in the wardrobe, dress styles and colors "squandered charming eyes" today, the female also dare to wear Foundation is not much.

Base is very well read, simple, elegant and classic design, temperament has become pure natural, well-gas flow showed remarkable calm, more beautiful.

Lace collar jacket Delta short Barret 08 Barret material is every autumn and winter seasonal pop elements of recovery, to Barret coat to maximize value, year by year to wear down, you should select the trim classic golden mean, fitting your body style.


Of course, in order to put out their own style, with little sense of vintage lace small collar, temperament of the entire dress got the light effect.



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