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Contacts of the Naked Weapon for the first time, I thought it was a more sensitive film, but in the end when I let my heart to see one of the earthquake. After the download of the movie Naked Weapon , I haven't been willing to delete, this film brought us in addition to exciting fighting action and plot, I think that there is a deep layer of inspirational significance. If you are real life that had no choice in the naked cage, how will you survive sth

Or, you know that one day you will face, how will you realize the value of contemporary life.

"Naked synopsis": Spate of teenage missing persons cases around the world, behind is Madame m, her abduction and specifically trained and beautiful girls, so that they become impossible on a bed of killer. All the girls were under house arrest in hell on a deserted island-style training, research knowledge of various types of combat and assassination skills. Lively, cheerful Charlene strong gloomy Katt has arrived at the island, two hard test of mutual support. Madame m and eliminating the weak the strong system, while the girls were asleep during, suddenly ordered per person must be killed a companion, which Charlene and Katt and another woman was Jing a job well done. Charlene and Katt when the task is executed for the first time, by Charlene who seduce the target, and then wearing a diamond ring on the hand cut each other's throats. Unfortunately escape was dropped when caught, Charlene almost died under the gun, but Katt in the Nick saved between partners. CIA task force command and Jack Madame m group of murderers has been smashed. In a dragon boat race, to be held in Hong Kong, Jack goal of protecting VIPs was Charlene. Was about to start when Charlene had met mother Faye separated for many years. Jack hadvanished, Charlene escape. Jack finds her again, then waiting around watching Faye opportunity day and night. At the same time, Madame m win over Japan Red Army Dragon Saburo, cooperation more illicit acts. Dragon Saburo covet beauty of Charlene, down in the liquor a strong Aphrodisiac to rape each other. Charlene to Jack for help under the confused, gave him to hold her arms because of effects which made him between astonishment and joy.

Jack made and decided not to hit, more taken care of her, the thief pumila pull sth

"Naked Weapon friends evaluation":

Review of the Naked Weapon

Use naked body to complete special tasks of people, much more if you want to, then you will die.

Review of the Naked Weapon

Most of China like a Hollywood movie, really good stimulation, mixed race beauty is fun

Review of the Naked Weapon

Really long legs, sexy, flowery female killers

Review of the Naked Weapon

Killing of brutal training and blood wake, daughter of love and the love of friends, class action formulas!

Review of the Naked Weapon

Very pretty and coquettish woman, very beautiful, very kind of plot.

Review of the Naked Weapon

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