10 methods to Relieve discomfort after drinking

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(1) how to drink do not get fat.

Must first declare that I do not advocate drinking, on the contrary,

I am willing to promote the recommendations of the World Health

Organization (WHO) on alcohol, wine, the less the better. Even small

amounts of alcohol is really useful for the prevention of coronary

heart disease, it is not a recommended method of disease prevention,

more can not become an excuse for alcoholism or heavy drinking.

Then, we explore the topic today, drinking, how to make their bodies

do not be so uncomfortable.

(2) the most important thing is the right amount.

The drinker small people do not drink so much. In general, when you

uncomfortable feeling that you have drunk (excessive drinking). So in

advance to understand their own capacity for liquor, drink the amount

of time to advance brake. So long as the amount does not feel sick.

Liquor, wine or beer, high-quality wine (definitely not cheap) is not

easy uncomfortable feeling, or discomfort to a lesser extent, in

particular the head symptoms (dizziness, headache, etc.).

(3) the degree of the wine is another key factor.

The same volume of wine, the higher the degree of alcohol. The more

alcohol is drunk uncomfortable and more severity. General high

spirits at 50 °, low liquor in about 40 °, red wine in about 15 °,

beer is about 3.5 °. Estimates of the amount of alcohol as follows:

The amount of alcohol (g) = alcohol consumption (ml) × degree (%) ×

0.8, such as a bottle of 500 ml of 52 liquor containing alcohol: 500

× 52% × 0.8 = 208 grams. The degree of alcohol of each wine can be

easily found on the label.

(4) the courage to drink (mood) is also very important.

More afraid of drinking, worried about the drunkenness, the more

likely to feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, to encourage the

drinking or the courage to drinkers, relatively speaking, is not easy

to feel uncomfortable. Estimate the potential role of psychological

suggestion. Of course, this is just my rule of thumb, did not make

control study. We can try.

5 should avoid fasting drink.

Drink before you eat some solid food, especially bread, rolls, cakes

and other "water" strong food can delay the absorption of alcohol in

the stomach.

Of course, it was reported that meat, eggs, milk and other high-

protein foods before drinking of alcohol on gastrointestinal

stimulation can also be reduced. Fruits, vegetables, etc. is said to

also have some effect. Clearly, the most critical factor is not

fasting drink.

6 slow down the rate of drinking, do not drink too fast.

Alcohol metabolism in the liver or excreted by the kidneys, lungs,

skin, etc. takes time, so slowly drinking (to pull a long time) to

help control the concentration of alcohol in the blood, reducing

uncomfortable degree.

During the 7 drink to speak loudly, speed up breathing, "spray" out

of alcohol.

Pulmonary respiration can excrete the alcohol, the so-called

"alcohol, smoked also. Drink, do not remain silent but to speak

loudly, and accelerate the respiratory rate. In this sense, singing

is one of the ways to reduce drunk symptoms.

The sweating is also an important method to speed up the excretion of


Sweat contains alcohol, so-called "covered with alcohol" is also. A

higher temperature environment, drinking, or movement can speed up

alcohol excretion, reduce the uncomfortable feeling of sweating (such

as a bar or disco).

Drink plenty of water more urination.

Those who drink frequently go to the toilet is often a larger amount

of alcohol, because alcohol can be excreted out through urine.

Drinking and drink plenty of water, speed up urination, increase the

excretion of alcohol, reduce the uncomfortable feeling.


10 active emetic (hand pull the throat to cause vomiting reflex) is

not a recommended method, because this action-induced pancreatitis


However, it does emit alcohol the most effective way, the principle

is similar to gastric lavage. To minimize the risk of inducing

pancreatitis, it is recommended that in the little food intake,

drinking early (eat less food, drinkin and spit). Is not recommended

satiated initiative emetic.

By the way, the popularity of hangover health care products, its main

role (if any) is to protect the liver cells, reducing the damage of

alcohol on the liver cells. Generally can not increase the amount of

alcohol, we can not speed up alcohol metabolism or excretion. But

some people used these supplements, the uncomfortable feeling indeed

eased, it is estimated that the psychological effect. As I said

earlier, the psychological effect, quitting brave victory.




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