Okay, not perfect

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Listen to a concert, and aunt to sleep next to, recalls when a fun embellishment.

Okay, not perfect. You, winding mountain highway construction block, under the noise of trumpets, we kissed in the Castle Peak.

Okay, not perfect. An article ran aground if not finished. Flashing details found in the future. Wait a moment, changed out the better end.

Okay, not perfect. Sorry about the first love, did not send the letter, have never been to an amusement park, when memories stamps affixed, can always go to a circle.


Okay, not perfect. The face in the mirror, black features, only parents that look good. Not the beauty, afraid of selective effects of fear beauty.

Okay, not perfect. Following several days of rain, home to call you up at home. Looking forward to tomorrow's Sun, setting a fine travel plans.

Okay, not perfect. Acknowledge that they are clever enough, brave enough. Frank cried, breaking in is not strong.

Okay, not perfect. Thought lost loves, running into really fit man, feeling how precious happiness back into place.

Okay, not perfect. The road did not embark on the shortcut, still many go for some, to see far away, the most beautiful garden.

Okay, not perfect. This is not a perfect story, perfect match and there is no match. When you leave, and find reasons to retreat.

Okay, not perfect. Audience laugh, not optimistic about the performance. Curtain rises, can we jump out of the free dance.

Okay, not perfect. We are not rich, soaring prices immediately frown. Little has, feel greatly satisfied.
Okay, not perfect.

Perfect, is used to protect, but cannot be used for cultivation. Experience of life, took a yingjian incessantly caressed, to let themselves experience. Too perfect thing, once the owner, nervous to lose tension failed. Perfect is soft and lack of toughness, delicate texture. Gifts that you just opened, and felt the sticky fingerprints on carefully. Over time, accompanied by my side, warm and no longer need a special courtesy. Stand up to play with, don't waste into emotion. When perfect isn't perfect, imperfect becomes perfect. Time will give them the best of the Exchange. You to quiet down, and continue to see, you will find that out in dark solid colors, just flashing on ups.

During the transition time, clear-see the complete, glimpsed wreckage in the night are just temporary landscape. Okay, not perfect. This is not a comfort.
Natural variability but everything is perfect.



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