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        但是,1996年底的时候悄悄诞生了一种叫做样式表(stylesheets)的技术。全称应该是串接样式表(Cascading Stylesheets-简称CSS)这位HTML的表弟向世人保证:


  • 只通过修改一个文件就改变页数不定的网页的外观和格式。
  • 在所有浏览器和平台之间的兼容性。
  • 更少的编码、更少的页数和更快的下载速度。





Like HTML web pages with a brush to draw a picture. Only those pages

produced obsessed and dedicated personnel to accurately achieve the

desired result, this is not the right tools and flexibility can be


         Any HTML a multi-week all know that HTML is a very good web

authoring tools. So sometimes we have to make a large volume of GIF

images to obtain the desired font and layout. Similarly, sometimes

had to use a variety of form tag and hidden spaces GIF images to make

the page layout to achieve the desired purpose.

         Indeed, some absurd. Our code is too complicated, the amount

of the GIF, the page becomes the English Channel is also wide, that

will the Internet with limited bandwidth how likely by such a wide

information? This design is not the best form of web design.

        However, the end of 1996, was born quietly called style

sheets (stylesheets) technology. The full name should be cascading

style sheets (Cascading Stylesheets-referred to as the CSS) the HTML

-cousin to the world to ensure that:

         Will layout, fonts, colors, backgrounds and other Venturi

effect to achieve more precise control.

Only by modifying a file, change the appearance and formatting of

pages uncertain pages.
Compatibility in all browsers and platforms.
Less code, less the number of pages and faster download speeds.

         In addition to not fully support the most commonly used

browser control, the CSS in the realization of other commitment for

quite excellent. CSS change our method to produce the style sheet. It

helped lay the foundation for most of the pages innovation.

After five days, we will roam the world of style sheets. You will

learn the basic knowledge of the style sheet and apply it to your web

page. You will also learn how to deal with fonts, graphics, colors,

backgrounds and positioning techniques.

          Today, we first look at the basic content of the



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