Fresh and warm early spring outfit-Chinese Beatiful models

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Early spring of this year the climate is still cold as winter only occasionally pick up a few days are always clip wrapped cold, dress warm remains our top priority.

Trees outside began to vomit, but duty-bound to sprout branches, and in this rare period of annual leave, I think many people will not miss the outing with friends and family the chance for people who frequently go out with a shawl can be appropriately and a vest.


Rabbit Hooded Sweaters

01 hats and sweaters is separate, simple and unique shape of the hat, do not wear scarf can also be used when. Remove the hat is a short-sleeved knit sweater, a long section of the ride can be set down sweater, bring a sense of hierarchy is also very fresh and stylish. Rear button design on the back is also very engaging. Rabbit hair knitted fabric has a higher thermal features.

Unique multi-purpose vest shawl pattern

02 This is a very unique vest, black and white pattern cleverly cut out after the general stretching as branches, it opens like a full circle of flowers, from the shoulders at the sleeve into the vest and cloak will form a joint two for a shape, very elegant stunning. It can also be worn as a skirt, you can also exercise their imagination more beautiful shape to shape.

Hooded baby casual windbreaker

03 back with hooded design, unique design fused with collar, highlight the amazing temperament. His breast and babydoll-style buttons designed to bring the pure and lovely lady. Bud-like hem not only significant figure are given just the right feminine clothes. With high boots will be plenty of stylish and modern atmosphere.

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The sweet 04 fashion models, tailored, full of design sense. The collar design is very simple people set off his voice. Characteristics between the left shoulder and breast uniform patchwork bring slight wind. Long belt system into a beautiful bow, perfect body will show the same good.


Chinese Beatiful models-Detachable collar single-breasted coat hem

05 This part of the design with zipper hem, also with an additional one below the hem, when you want to wear a long coat when it can be connected. Picture is seen in non-hem shape for spring wear. Inclined single-breasted design modification was one full of energy, combined with the more valiant badges, simple and neat.


Beatiful model-Piles of sweaters knit collar waist

06 design, such as shawl collar, bring layered beauty, but also effectively lengthen the neck of the visual effects. From the waist down is waist design, highlighting the slender waist, leaving the overall rich sense of style. Deep lake blue knitted wool fabrics have a high degree of warmth is also very skin-friendly, bring your best wearing experience.


Beatiful model-Ink printing embroidery knit sweater

07 that a breast collar and printing ink brought the spring-like vitality, the above also joined the hand-embroidered, to the clothes into a wealth of content, but also enhance the taste. Piles collar design casual, warm, modeling is more intellectual. Bat sleeve effectively cover the body defects, do not pick the shape and age, worn alone or as good as the ride is.



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